About Us

We are an independent creative agency based in Barcelona. We work in audio-visual area and we are specialized in web design, social media, branding and motion graphics.


We design quality web pages. We project the image and corporate identity of each client. We make the content structured and organized. Navigation must be easy, fast and attractive. We work the SEO positioning to appear in the top search results.

Community Management is the dynamization and maintenance of social networks. We are specialists in marketing and communication so we coordinate, publish, moderate and connect each brand or business to the Internet community. We create and manage ads to make a product, service or the corporate brand itself visible in the network.

Corporate identity is the set of features which symbolise the image of the products or services of any brand or company. It can be represented by name, logo, illustrations, colour mixing or any combination between them. We create and illustrate the image that identifies the needs of each client.

Motion Graphics is an audio-visual skill which allows to communicate messages by animating things such as images, photos, titles, colours and designs. It is the most dynamic way to present a video or corporate product, to make an interactive presentation, videoclip, to provide movement to the logo or brand, or also to advertise on TV, cinema or social networks.

Video is one of the most dynamic audiovisual media to transmit any message. Currently video is a must to present any event, service or coporate interviews. A good image recording plus the correct post production and adjustment allow to broadcast a clear, dynamic, modern and unique message.

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